#9-Net News Alert

Stich on March 20, 2007

Oh noes! A robbery? And Kunai's a susspect?! *gaspeth*
Anyway, writen text for cut off effect. Says:
Name: Z
Home town: Electown
Element: Wood
Netop: Terisa
Favored Chip: Grass Seed
Main Weapon: Z Shield
Sub Weapon: Fox Hole
Other: A beast style navi who specializes in defense and hit and run tacticts. A suspect in three other crimes.

Name: Kunaiman
Home town: End City
Element: None
Netop: Kira
Favored Chip: Invis
Main Weapon: Exploding Kunai
Sub Weapon: Cherry Blossom Katanas
Other: A ninja style navi who's memories have recently bin de-bugged. His sieriouse attitude has also bin recovered.

What's this? Z's a suspected crimminal?! Kunai wasn't always a goober?! Who would have thunk!