LTHB Cover

humbug on May 17, 2011

Welcome to the DrunkDuck home for the fan comic, Let the Hunt Begin! For starters, I'm sure you'll want to know more about who those two names are on the bottom of the page, right? Well, A. Chow (Humbug here on the Duck) is your illustrious artist that makes all the following pages nice and pretty… you've possibly seen her work before with Tales of Pylea though this is her first foray into DrunkDuck's halls. Matt Summers (Net here on the Duck) is the wordsmith, and you've possibly seen his work with either the aforementioned Tales of Pylea, or also on Tales of the Traveling Gnome which is also mirrored right here on the Duck.

The shiny emblem on the top? Well, that's in reference to the actual game itself that this comic is based off of! Mousehunt is a Facebook-based game by HitGrab Entertainment where Mousehunters scour the lands of Gnawnia, hunting ever-more-difficult mice for the King… but lo, these are not your ordinary mice! Flying mice, dragon mice, even mystical Acolytes and other unique mice are available to find and trap, and each area offers unique challenges to keep things very addictive. Mousehunt, all location names, general gameplay mechanics, traps, bases, cheese, mouse designs and Larry himself (he's the mustachioed gent on the Cover) are all copyright to HitGrab Entertainment.

So, with that in mind… Let the Hunt Begin!