Chapter 3 Page 14 - Unconventional Means

Whirlwynd on May 16, 2016

ashtree house, KimLuster) Welcome back! Haha, if missing one page is bad, then I am the worst because I definitely don't comment on every update in my inbox. (Depends on whether or not I feel like inflicting my obnoxious and confusing presence on the authors I watch, lol) Hope you enjoyed the beach KL!

tupapayon) Seems to be Marlin's philosophy now that I think of it.

Way back when I started this version, I mentioned that one major plot element would be different this time around, and here it is. In the old comic, Rowena remembers everything about being Luck except for the circumstances surrounding her imprisonment. In this version, her memories of her true self are extremely limited, and mainly only the very basics needed to help her with her situation.

It's time for summer break! I have an animation deadline in less than two weeks and then a real vacation (finally!) so the comic will be on hold until June 13. If anyone would like to submit a guest art or comic to fill space, it'd definitely be appreciated. I'd be willing to make trades too, so let me know!