The Lament of Lycidas Page 1

kaminari on Nov. 10, 2006

*Insert witty comment here*

No, ummm.. So Im still gonna work on the website when I get time, but for now you just have to put up with this layout.

This story is loosely based on John Milton's Paradise Lost, but of course is more than just another unique retelling in that it takes a form of its own.
Lycidas was another work by Milton, but has nothing to do with the character here ;-p
(unless you want to interpret certain things as related to the themes in that poem).

Many of the characters have old obscure literary names or jumbled familiar biblical names.
There's one character called Ghamuret whose name comes from the Parzival by ummm, Wolfram von Eschenbach I believe. (not 100% sure on that).. Then there's Baezel and Aezrellah..

So, umm, YES, this is a story about Satan.
(I suppose)..

ack, 5am.. I need sleep.