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Miruku on Sept. 4, 2007

H'okay, here's the deal:

Lamorinda is a prequel to my comic, “Emma.”
So, if you want to see how Theo and Will met or what either of them (or their sisters) were like in high school…or you just want something else to read, this is the place to be!

An added bonus: Emma Gordon is not involved. At all. I promise.
*And* you get to meet some extra characters and see future Emma characters (like the one above!) before they show up in the main comic. Woot.

Update schedule: Something like once weekly. Basically, if I don't feel like working on Emma for some reason, I will probably be working on Lamorinda.

So far, Lamorinda looks like it's going to be about 300 pages, and I will be self publishing it when I'm finished so I have something to sell at conventions and what not.