Akima on Feb. 3, 2007

Well I originally posted this on January 28, but moved it here!!This is the old post…^.~
Well I finally got this comic up!! Yay!!
My internet kept dying so it took me too long!! Also this is my first comic with a partner and it has been great!! It's also my first fan comic!! So enjoy!!^.~
~Akima out
Brio Cyrain's Say:
In the vast valleys of Hyrule, Link dreams of Zelda and meeting her while he attends his cottage, but soon this dream must be fulfilled since his Daughter named Mai has been cursed with the Wolfen disease, a disease that causes people to mutate into wolf beasts, and soon the local alchemist or doctor bids Link to journey to Hyrule Castle to seek the wisdom of Princess Zelda. This is because the disease while mutating Mai is also killing her, and in light of her full transformation she will surely die. In a dark story filled with blotches of random humor accustomed to Manga and Anime, the Legend of Zelda brings you the latest journey to rid the curse on Mai and to turn the tide in an epic battle between the offenders of darkness and the defenders of light in this latest installment of-


This cover page reveals the name of our work and the revelation of Link's daughter, Mai. Link for this comic will take on a Twilight Princess influence because the story indeed involves wolf transformations.

I am so a Synopsis person.