better days.

SkyAsimaru on Oct. 7, 2008

written with a baby draped over my leg drooling into my pajama pants, i have not been able to get Any pages done, nor any of the art pieces/commissions i want to do….right now, i don't like kids…at all ~_~ don't have any. i beg of you. let the human population dwindle for awhile…save the world a generation of landfills filled with disposable diapers and lost pacifiers (MAYBE if someone would stop throwing them in the TRASH *glares at Ully*- -bc then he just Cries and Cries when I'm unable to find them…)

anyway, this is a clip from a letter to Chris-kun, who is far away in japan with the Navy :(..

it took me over 2 Weeks to finish it, with these kids clinging all over me…it's only 19 pages or so..with illustrations…and it's only so long because i kept having to pick up where i left off the Next day, when i regained consciousness after passing out from exhaustion, and it built up over awhile..x_x gaah!! these kids..
it's titled as ‘better days’, because that's what i view the anime convention as, now… :( back when i had free time to do the things that I wanted to every day…disregarding the job and the house cleaning..