SkyAsimaru on June 24, 2007

^^ still in the process of coloring this one; I started out with markers, but…I want to use photoshop. @_@ if i can just manage to master it. The main characters, silly as it sounds, consist of myself and my 2 little sisters. Ashley (me), Sam, and Anna. ^^ haha ‘ASA’- -it's funny, ‘cuz my first comic is called the ’SSA', and this one can be acronymed as the ‘AAS’ and…-_o ah. well. anyway.we were just lying around and said ‘Hey! Let’s create a comic with Us in it!" and here we are. Expect pages hopefully sometime soon. :) up to page 15 is drawn, I just have to add a few finishing touches. Please check back again!

the artist,