Filler! (And Twinkie Politics)

UltimateZ on Nov. 24, 2012

For lack of an update here is some filler. I've been revolving a lot of my work on Ereso lately, I bought it would be refreshing to look into another character, Jewel. This is also about the American problems with the Twinkie. To she'd some light on this, the hostess company want to decrease pay by 8% in order to keep themselves in business. The unions didn't like that(understandable) and went on strike. The strike went on long enough that Hostess warned its employees that if they didn't go back to work, then it would have to shut down production, which is exactly what happened! But fear not, Twinkie lovers, Hostess will probably sell their product licence to another snack cake industry like Pilsbury or something.

Now onto this piece of art. Despite beng a domineering female badass, Jewel has a weakness for Twinkies. So I've turned her into a kind of cross between Tank Girl and Tallahassee from Zombieland, especially with the excessive violence and borderline necrophilia.