Lex Maudits couver

empty_promise on March 4, 2007

'The cursed cover'
Ok here's the cover of the story… here's the story;

Hundreds of years ago all hell had broken loose due to ‘les creatures de la nuit began to roam in broad daylight attacking those that stood in their way.
The reason these beings of the doomed decided to attempt to take the day was because the creatures feared their own Nightimares.

Because of this upset ’The creators' gave to a strong and worthy family a gift to bring out their nightmares in no matter what time of day or night it was.
But after years and years of power, the blood-line thinned.
It usually took twins to contain the power of the gift, and because modern days and times did not give good children, and because of the gifts power many children were born deformed or mentaly ill.

So it fell to them and it did not go well, so they stretched it out to cousins, eventually it fell on someone so far away it was nearly impossible to trace their original bloodline.

Until fell upon a boy, not of two, but one, he went through nearly all his life sick or ill, but insisting to hold his family trait.


That's where the comic starts off from, yeah lame story, sorry.
Oh yeah, it's in French, and other things are, because it sounds better.

But the actual dialogue shall be in English.

So yeah, that's really all about the story.

Crits open, but keep in mind, I had to quickly redraw the cover page because I messed up the last one.