blueyes on Oct. 29, 2006

Hi there! Some of you may know that my current comic “Lesson Learned” used to be waaaaaaaaay different. This comic here is the original story plan that I'll put up every now and then and critique. I'll explain why I made the changes I made! I'm mostly doing this because I have these old pages just floating around my computer. Why not use them?

Critique: I wanted to show alot of characters that I use in my story but the problem was…I didn't really have a story at the time. Notice the blonde girl? Yeah, she had the smallest, stupidest part ever! She's only in the story for like,…4 pages! She was originally she was going to be the “Friend” to the main character. But since I have gone and written a script now, it is imperative that Meg does NOT have friends. So I made the blonde girl the mean bully in Meg's class. so having her on the cover didn't make much sense.
*Also notice that it's in anime style. Much too cute for the mood I was wanting to set for the story. The colors are off as well.
*I also made Meg's hair too long for what the plot calls for. I've noticed that her hair gets mysteriously longer as the story goes on.
*Ha! I have microsoft paint to work with and I still didn't know how to use it very well. you can tell by the ugly white block that the letters are encased in.