1 - The Return

Corvid1986 on July 21, 2010

So I ended my last comic over two years ago now and said at the end ‘stay tuned for something new’ but unfortunately that project failed and my current ones are stalling. So two years later I noticed activity on my account and my highest number of views happened like 6 months after it died so I decided I need to return! So to get back into it and hopefully speed up my other projects I will be doing a new comic featuring me and my friends in situations based on real life to some degree.

This is a continuation of Corvid's Comics so check that out and in the weeks to come I will explain what happened to the other characters. So the update schedule will be Monday and Thursday and much earlier than this so check back monday! In the mean time feedback on the name and stuff would be good.

Again thanks for the loyalty to my Corpse Comic lol.