Chapter 01, Page 17

Ringjo on Nov. 11, 2006

11-12-06: Due to some unforseen circumstances, I can't update my comic every friday. So I think the best solution to this is to make my updates temporarily every sunday from now on until I get to fix my schedule. Also, I'm having trouble in doing a consistent look on each character. Not to mention that my style differs for every page… which is bad. Maybe someday, I'll get that style that I'm looking for. But for now, please bare with me.

Okay. I used some Tagalog words in my comics out of necessity. And here's the meaning to those words:

Lola - as I mentioned before, Lola is a Filipino term for grandmother.

Saling Pusa - literally, it translates as “Join Cat” which really doesn't mean anything. It's just a term used by Filipino kids to their playmates who are not really officially part of their games. It's like they just let the “Saling Pusa” join out of pity. In Mimi's case, her brother Mel let her join as a Saling Pusa because she insists on wanting to play with them.