Gardenhead: 2: Nice Comeback

Mazoo on July 31, 2006

Hey, I'm back! Why was I gone? I ran out of internet time! Yup, I only get a certain amount of time on the internet each month, and I ran out.

I know, I missed you too.

Well, I'm back, so it's ok now. Seriously, you can stop crying. It's not like I died.

And even after that long break I only got one page done. And my summer ends next week! That's not exactly exciting, but I'll do the best I can for the comic. I'm going to volunteer at some camp to take care of little kids (grooooooan) and after that I start swimming. Why does swimming mean my summer ends? Because we swim four freaking hours a day! A morning shift from 8 to 10 and an afternoon shift from 3 to 5. So my days are completely shot!

Well, I hope you endured all that bitching. Or since you probably ignored it:

Enjoy the comic. Dan gets angry easily.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to add the fact that “ennui” means “jealous” in French.