Gardenhead: 3: Sploosh!

Mazoo on Aug. 7, 2006

Hey everyone! How was your week? I enjoyed my last free week of summer. Ugh…

I volunteer at a day camp and I get to deal with 12 7-year-olds. Fun stuff!

Man, this next month is going to be a killer. I have swimming as I have said before, but I also have two jobs and APUSH (AP US History) homework to do before school even starts!

In other things, how does the water look in the last panel? I asked for some help at the Tips and Tricks forum and I used some of the advice from there. Does it look like water? I think I'm going to stop using that stupid Ocean Blues gradiant I've been using for the ocean. More work for me to do, but it'll improve my coloring skills.

Oh yeah, if you can't tell what's going on in the last panel, the other boat passed too closely to the purple boat and the wake has upset it.

That's about it. Tune in next week to see Dan get attacked by a chair!