Pilot - Page Three

Octoguy on Aug. 19, 2010

Trying to make Yumtri use his arms in multitasking, so that they're not just flopping about doing nothing.

Trying to do cartoony stuff on the second panel with the floppy arms.

Also of note here: I originally put tentacles in Yumtri's sandwich because I thought it would make his food look alieny. This wouldn't work that way, as octopus can be a food on Earth. Then I realised that what's in his sandwich would establish Opasians as mostly sea-fairing folk (they live on islands, after all). Plus, I not going for the whole ‘WOOOOO ALIENZZZ!!111’ angle with my characters, anyway. We're just following strange creatures in a strange land.

Also, those little things on his chest aren't chest hair, they're slightly-sharp little barbs that prick up when a Gularky is frightened, angry, etc. It's a defence mechanism and an evolutionary by-product. Gularky skin is just tough enough so that they can't cut themselves on their barbs.