Happy LATE-ASS Valentine's day!

yojanna on Feb. 26, 2009

I forgot: in the whole rush of forgetting to update here, I also forgot the V-day update! So here it is, only a little late!
Glory in the beauty that is Rikael gettin' some sugah offah the kiddo. SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!

I didn't realize until after inking how many problems this page had. So let's all have a moment of sympathetic silence for their misshapen body parts, and Rikael's very small shoulder. Also, for the kid's lack of . . . manliness. You know. Under what was once covered in a semi-skirt thing.
I love parts of this picture, like Rikael's right hand. That is all.

The yojobean loves you all. This is her Valentine's Day card to all of you. She speaks in the third person to spare you all the I's she writes. The end.