Cycle One: City of Intrigue

Lord Rend on Sept. 21, 2008

(EDIT: Blast, the copyright is incorrect now and I overlooked that… Well, it should say copyright to Lord Rend, all the future pages probably will unless I lose my account again *crosses fingers*)

It was not my original plan to post this until the day before the actual story would start, but alas my account seems to have been royally screwed up and I really did not want to simply repost a filler image.
Before it becomes an issue, please know that I originally was here under the name Chaos Guard. Unfortunately, I can no longer access that account so I started up this new account. Thus having explained why the comic has two titles that differ by an ‘s.’
Moving on, this is the first page of Linked Fates, and also my second venture into the realm of shading and coloring. Hopefully both will improve as time goes on, any constructive critique is welcome.
One last piece of business. Although the cover is up, the comic story will not actually be starting until October (probably the fifteenth) since I want to build up a buffer of comics just in case. That was the reason why Sealed Mind never really got going and I really do not want to repeat that mistake.

Have a pleasant day and please enjoy the cover.
Lord Rend/ Chaos Guard