City of Intrigue pg 47

Lord Rend on Dec. 10, 2010

Well, it is official, Linked Fate is back! I expect that I will be updating every Saturday from now on, except for holidays. Which is bad timing, but worry not, Linked Fate will update over Christmas and New Years, the pages will just go up the day before.

Okay, a few notes here before I continue on:
First, thank you to everyone who was concerned over my sudden absence and my apologies for not keeping everyone up-to-date. I promise to you now that it will not happen again.
Second, I will likely be deleting the two “inter-rim” pages sometime over the next couple weeks. While I really do hate to eliminate comments others have left me, I really would like to preserve the flow of the story for future readers.
Third, I have switched over to a new kind of paper and it seems to be working quite nicely. It is bigger than the old type of paper I used, so I can put in more detail, something that I will be working on (well, have worked on and am still working on…).

Moving on, I have to admit that this is not my favorite page, I cannot really say why… It is not that it looks bad, I just felt like it was just an average page… Maybe it is because the persona-orbs have returned and I do so dislike doing them. Curse my self-imposed rules about how the mindscape works… Oh well. Or maybe it is because there are several upcoming pages that I was looking forward to doing when I was working on this one.
Ah well, I do no have much else to say about this page (believe me the next page has a lot more commentary), so I will see everyone next Saturday with another page. Except for those reading Systematic, which will be updating with a new page tomorrow. Actually, if you want a sneak preview of some artistic changes I am making overall, Systematic might have a few for you.
Well, thank you for reading and for sticking around during my unexpected hiatus, see everyone later!