Crossing Death Review, pt 1/3

Genejoke on April 29, 2011

Part One of our three-part review of Crossing Death by BlkKnight. That's right, this comic was so epic that it took not two pages, not four pages, but six pages to cover. Well, okay, we could have done it in less, but we wanted to try out a more creative and in-depth format than usual. Not sure if that's going to be the trend, but it was a fun experiment. In the reviewer's seat this time are Dan and Greg from Malefic and Angie and Carmen from Death P*rn.

As you can see, we didn't think the artwork was all that spectacular. Disagree? You can let us have it in the Forum. Wanna see for yourself? Go check out the comic here. No, not here! Here:

Crossing Death

And stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow. We'll be putting the story and characters under a magnifying glass. And burning them.