Salad truck 14/18

Genejoke on Jan. 11, 2013

AlceX sez:  I stared for a long time at jellybeans to try to get them right… And I also ate a lot of them… But what definitely took most work in this page was the park. As you can notice in other pages, I’m kinda lazy with backgrounds, so this is one is probably the one I worked hardest on. The perspective is a bit wonky, but I feel it came out well. The lighting is a bit foggy, though. That’s what I get for relying on blurs.
Genejnoke sez:  Salad truck was one of the first scipts gunwallace sent me for lite bites, I very glad AlceX took it on and delivered it.  Manga style is something there hasn't been in Lite bites much.  
Also, please go check out the lite bites forum. I've made a couple of updates there.