Salad truck 18/18

Genejoke on Jan. 15, 2013

Alcex sez: As I have a tendency to make pre-title pages, I also have one to make final pages be just one big panel. It didn’t feel right in this case, so I added moved one from last page to this one. I still felt it wasn’t enough, so I put a lot of detail. It is detail though, and of the barely noticeable kind, but I hope you’re able to appreciate it.
And so we finish. Hah, this kinda sad for me… This is probably the last comic I’ll do for quite a while. I never really wanted to be a web comic artist; I just wanted to make comics to practice drawing and story writing skills, two things I loved, and uploading seem logical to get feedback.  I got pretty absorbed in doing them, and started to dream… So I started to make more and more. But what I really want to make is videogames. The contest I mentioned last page reminded me this. I do hope the experience doing comics will help me later on.
But really, what I sincerely hope is that you enjoyed reading this comic. (hope that didn’t sound too cheesy, even if I meant it…)