Stolen TV-TV-napped!

nighthawk41 on Sept. 23, 2006

Finally got to make an update! So let's see what we got here.
Yes, I am trying my best to save a ton of money to buy an electic guitar. And now my sister exposed it to everybody in the room. This might take less than two years to buy one. Seeing the ones I saw at “Daddy's Junky Music Store” they cost around the $1300's. And I get paid at work 12 bucks a week.
The other thing, my computer. Brian just took it three hours ago and going to fix it. It's like I can barely use the downstair's one. And it doesn't fell right. I always liked my mouse next to the keyboard.
And quite-possibly pointless news, I got a new t-shirt today. It's a GnR (Guns ‘N’ Roses) shirt. And I got a free water bottle. I dunno, they just gave it to me.

That's it for now, tune in the next hour when we throw cheez-its at somebody that we don't know.