Gay Marriage- Research

nighthawk41 on March 3, 2010

Update: Forgot to put in the third panel o.o but I just fixed it and re uploaded it.

Hey folks. So Greg is once again having computer problems. So I'll be taking over the storyline for a while until he gets his comp fixed. Hope to have him back soon.
My updating will be a bit slow too, sadly. I'm starting classes in a few days, and I've got a band going. We're trying to get at least 4 songs done in time to do shows during the summer.
I've also got the next few strips of my next storyline made, and I'm working on a script for another storyline. It's a bit hard for me to come up with good ideas. I have a few floating around in my head, and I think I'll actually be writing several different scripts. We'll see how that goes.
Update: forgot to add this section here:So about the comic itself… Originally, I was gonna have this take place in Greg's room. I decided to change that for 2 related reasons. 1: I redid my room a little bit, so that I don't have the 3 story high room with 2 story high posters. Some of you may recall the Mystery Comic Theater issue mentioning that. I changed it so the proportions aren't that out of wack. 2: Greg has not updated his room (which is fine, since I never really told him to. In fact, I didn't even mention that I revamped my room XD) so it still looks kinda freaky.
I might do the same work with the living room, but not until my next storyline, since the few issues I already have of that story have the living room the way it is now.

Also, for the sake of tradition, random reviews of shit I discovered recently-

Silent Hill- I love this fucking game so far. I love horror, anyone who knows me personally will tell you that. I watch so much horror that very few movies scare me anymore (the last movie to do so was Wolf Creek). Silent Hill, on the other hand, made me afraid to walk through my house with the lights off. Easily one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. I've heard 2 is a lot better. Can't wait to get to that.

Red Faction- Fun game. The Geomod seems like one big gimmick though. And the multiplayer is pretty lame. But the plot is fun, the gameplay is fun, and the rail gun fucking rules. I don't know how far I'm in to the game, but either way, I'm playing through it again once I finish it. You can get this game for pretty cheap on PS2. I got my copy for about 5 bucks.

Hitman 2- HOLY SHIT this game is hard! It might just be that I suck at it, but I had to look up walkthroughs for the first 2 levels. It's pretty tense. Again, available for cheap.

That's about it, really. See you all later.