He's number one.

Kittywitch on Jan. 19, 2017

When I was first starting this comic, I thought there was little more ridiculous and therefore funny than Myspace culture. And I think that's still true, a little bit, because different sites really have different cultures and even the same people interacting on different sites will have a different feel.
The fact I was in my early twenties in this period really adds to the absurdity I was experiencing and trying to write something that's absurd even for reality says a lot about the first year of this comic.

This also really brings up the way that “stalking” was used by people in their early twenties in the mid-aughts, any acknowledgement of someone, even in public spaces online, was slightly taboo.

Sept. 26, 2007
Why do I find MySpace so funny? The world may never know.
Another failed experiment in time-saving: tone before erasing. Ouch.
In the background we see “Ringu” and “Howl's Moving Castle” movie posters.
I will only say this now because I have no plans to explain it in the comic, the symbol on the one with the stripey hair's shirt means “Anti-Waffle”, and I think it may be a local punk band or a local designer's joke. It's sort of a mashing together of the American Waffle Association, the anarchy A, and Anti-Flag, which is a punk band I'm fairly sure she doesn't listen to. But she does like punk.
And, although one has been referred to as “Kunni”, we are yet to learn their names!