kyupol on Sept. 3, 2007

Last page you said this had no relation to BK but Claudita is in it and this eye is saying some familiar things.

Is this like an alternate story? Or do you mean it has nothing to do with the current BK story yet still exists in that universe?

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the current BK story. No Cedrick, No Mara-Nina, No Brood Knights, or any characters that appear in or .

As for Claudita, this whole thing is like a new “mission”. If I wanted to, I could have replaced Claudita with another angel character and start over with a clean slate.

But I developed a liking for Claudita and I've decided to include her in this comic. And possibly start off a new saga. After completion of 85% of MAG-ISA script, I already got an idea on a sequel to it.

We'll see how it goes. lol

lol thats the thing that happens when you get to like characters you create. Suddenly, a new spinoff storyline awaits them. Just like what happened to Mara-Nina. She was originally a villain in a fantasy comic I done a long long time ago.

Notes on Page

Its a demon tempting the soldier.

Demons are a commonplace in this comic. :P