kyupol on July 6, 2012

When you portray God as this jealous, angry, megalomaniacal tyrant up in
the clouds who hates half of his creation and happily sends people to
hell… in where the demons are acting like gulag guards working for God
and their job is to poke you with their pitchfork… all you do is turn
people away from Christ. Cuz that isnt the case.

You go to hell because your spirit / aura gets damaged and it allows
lower vibrational entities (aka demons) to drag you down to “hell”. Just
as you fall to your death if you jump off a building. God did not kill
you. You did. By choosing the law of gravity to bring you to your death.

So stop blaming God for all the wrong things that happens in your life.
It is YOU who chooses to do things that damage your aura (aka “SIN”).

/end rant