First Manzai - A Queen of the Trade

Kaji Motomiya on Aug. 28, 2011

The comic is a tribute to a high ranking member, the founder of the Generation Next Sub Team (aka GX_ST, the fansubbers of Pokemon: Best Wishes and Yu-Gi-Oh!), WhiteNightQueen, whose birthday was on 8/22 (a Monday). As a gift, I quickly took pictures and crafted the jokes just for the occasion.

Most of the puns in the manzai are a play off of her name.

Drag racing is a form of racing with specialized cars or motorcycles. The track is actually one straight line, the goal to reach from start to finish first. The first joke “Drag queen” is a man who likes to dress up as a woman, and is a play off drag racing and WhiteNightQueen's known nickname, “Queen”.

Yomita calls WhiteNightQueen the “Knight” and the “Queen” and can dominate the “Black” side of Matoku's side of the “board” if she liked. Matoku's given name, “Kuroi”, means “Black” (also “kuro”), while the first of Queen's name is “White”. “Knight” and “Queen” are pieces in a game of Chess, and one of the more powerful pieces there; as the White Knight and Queen, the Black side of Matoku's Chess board can easily be dominated, as the two pieces can move an obscene amount of spaces (the Queen almost limitless).

The phrase “want to dance with me” is an old daring taunt used in some media. It often means accepting a fight or starting a fight, like saying, “Let's dance!” and immediately jumping into the fray. The last joke, “Dancing Queen”, is not only a play of the phrase and Queen's name again, but a famous song sung by Abba. I royally hate the song with all my heart.


Despite the release date here on DrunkDuck, “Manzai with Matoku and Yomita” will run a regular release every other Sunday, starting October 2nd. I need time to make jokes. I hope you enjoyed this little mini-series I cooked up. Don't forget to also check out my main comic series, Toyroom SOS, now running on Season 2!