Seventh Manzai - Not-so-Modest Matoku

Kaji Motomiya on Dec. 24, 2011

This comic is dedicated to one of DrunkDuck's top webcomics, and one of my personal favorites, Modest Medusa. Shout out to Jake Richmond, who serves as an inspiration to my comics. This is dedicated to you. You may also have noticed that the puns and sound effects are made to mirror the title font of Modest Medusa.

The first joke is essentially my reaction to Chocodiles. When I first saw them on Modest Medusa, I thought they were made-up. Then Google came along…and I was BLOWN AWAY. I've yet to try one; I don't think they have those in Jersey.

The second joke is a reference to types of skulls, which houses the brain, with hair on them. Since Medusa's hair is predominantly snakes, I referenced that the hair comes out of the skull through the…skin………fuck it, this joke was too ambiguous. I put it in because I thought it was funny. I fail, I'm sorry…

The last joke is in the form of two panels. You can see that Matoku and Yomita are holding the defining parts of their hair (Matoku's pigtails and Yomita's….uh….side tails). While Yomita tells Matoku that she's getting ahead of herself, Matoku replies that it'd be great having A HEAD full of snakes. Word play at work here. =D

I hope you check this out, Jake. Your comic's been a constant inspiration to do my best like you do and make my comics funny like yours. I may not be able to draw as well as you, but I can still make comics the only way I can: with my buddies.