kujosbloodstrewnmoon on Jan. 20, 2010

Greetings, and welcome to the cover of METUS ABYSSUS! Coming soon to this… um… website? Url? Whatever, that doesn't matter, what DOES matter is that I actually plan on doing this comic. Got the first few pages rough drafted out and hopefully soon, I'll have them put up here. Unlike the cover, I'm sorry, I do NOT plan on coloring in many of the actual comic pages. Ink/Outline? Sure, I'm a plane black and white comic page kind of girl though. I fall behind because I get discouraged by the idea of coloring my pages.

This comic is based on an RP that can be found on Gaiaonline
If you wanna check it out, that's the link, right up there (if it works, hope it does XD )

No hating, please, I know I'm not the best at coloring, but the coloring/outlining portion of this drawing alone took me 3 hours.

Well, that's pretty much all I can think to say, this page was done on Adobe Photoshop with my buddy Mu's tablet. Thanks ahead of time to Mu and Chay, I'm using some of their characters in this story.

(Mu is most well known on this site I believe for her Legend of Setar story, check it out. Chay is most well know… I guess for being chay? Who can hate chay? Don't answer that, cause if you do, I'll have to find them/you and kick your/their teeth in!!! XD )