Kriley97 on April 13, 2008

I started posting Madstop on Drunkduck for a couple reasons. The first was to get over my fear of others seeing my work. The second was to get better at cartooning. Having to take time off for the ISO audit allowed me to step back from Madstop and look at it with fresh eyes. What I realized was that it's missing something. I am happy with how my artistic style is comming. I am also pretty happy with my joke writing. What really jumped out at me was that there was no reason for anyone to invest themselves into my characters…. they have no character. They are throw away personalities.So I have decided to step back completely. I have about 20 or 30 more strips I could continue to post and buy a little time, but I would not be happy wih any of them. I need to rethink everything. SO here are the three options I see happening in the future.
1. I rework the characters in Madstop and come back in full force.
2. I create a brand new strip with excellent charcters and an exciting new premise.
3. I disappear from the comic strip arena.

God willing it will be one of the first two options.