Sick Song

heradite on Aug. 27, 2009

From Merlin (2009 TV series on BBC/NBC).

Gwen: He doesn't look any better.
Morgana: I need to please him…alone.
Little Kid: Finally, I'm getting some!
Morgana: What songs do you want me to sing as I rub your belly?

And so that was the comic strip. I recently rewatched the Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon gets sick. Anyways he makes Penny rub his chest while singing Happy Kitty. It was hilarious.

So when I saw this episode, somehow, it came back to me. I connected it, and here it is. Now…what dirty mind does the little kid have? Or did he just want the song/rub? Whatever floats your mind. (Funny how we live in a society where perverted kids on TV/movies are considered funny.)

The transcript will now come with every issue.