Chapter Three: The Chained Heart.

Aurora Moon on Dec. 29, 2007

Yeah, I'm doing chapter Three all over again. Mainly I discovered that the chapter version I was doing was actually a OLD draft based on even older verisons of the characters. and the later scenes had a lot of things that didn't quite…fit. *sweat-drop*
How's that for a blunder?
So I'm going with this NEWER version of Chapter three, where we focus on Camilla's best bud. and a little bit of a back story. Plus it'll be more interesting than the other one trust me.

And I'm also back to being at around page 89. So that means I'll have to hold off on the 100 page-special. Good thing too, probably. Since I haven't still quite got the hang of flash, even if I managed to do some pretty good animations on it.