Happy New Year and a quick update!!

Catya on Nov. 21, 2012

As maybe a few of you know, I got a Tumblr account called Razor Paws, but I didn't use it much, it just collected dust and so did my plans for posting more work and getting my work published. I have now changed the name to Razor Rabbit And now when we're in 2013, I'm gonna fulfill my dreams of self-publishing my comics and starting a business.
Later I'm gonna start making jewelries, charms, figurines, collar and gloves commissions, I can do more than just draw you know. As for the comics and my art, I'm still on Furaffinity and Drunk Duck, but will also be posting my work, commissions and updates on my new Tumblr http://razor-rabbit.tumblr.com Which will be my personal website and ‘business website’.
I'm gonna make my dreams come true this year, so start following my Tumblr blog, there's a lot of goodies to come there in 2013 :)