+Magra Arc #2-Never Give A Second Chance pg.33+

Catya on Dec. 3, 2012

Page 33.
I am finally DONE with this never ending story!!! Out of all the stories I've drawn over the years, this one takes the cake on how long I've spent on it and it's only 33 pages long, and even the longest Jack arc that was well over 60 pages, didn't take this fucking long to complete (about a year I think). Now I can finally start on something new, I have an idea in mind for the next arc, but I still have to make the script.
And near the end of this arc, the script was very different, Magra was gonna rape this guy and then shoot him in the head before dumping the corpse on the inner city Vultures, but I changed that, he still tortured him, but not sexually, and gave his mutulated body for the Vultures. So if he dies or not, is up to you to decide.