Fiends #1 cover

ttyler on Feb. 21, 2013

I'm in the finishing stages of putting together the #1 issue of Fiends. this will feature Super Frankenstein as well as a Nazi zombie tale. I will be self publishing this from home, folding, stapleing, and all that kind of stuff, so it literally will be a self published, Independent book.
 It should be over 24 pages and is printed on vintage newsprint in color……so it should look like you found it in an old barn. 
 Im only doing 40 or so, so if you would like one, write me at and let me know so I can put you on the list. they will go for about 13 bucks, shipping included, so keep that in mind. I figure all the profit will go to buying a few sets of ink….but we'll see how it goes. Not sure if Ill go with this ragged look or not, but I like it….