Welcome to Majoring in Evil!

priuscomet on Aug. 31, 2006

The world I create in this comic is purely fictional, obviously. But some people might not get what I mean. Let's take the world now, today, and how it mass produces professionals to help make the world go round and hopefully, lead a beautiful and happy life in a “good” world. Where good deeds are rewarded, hard work is appluaded, and Good always triumphs over Evil. That's what our world seems like today, right?

But in all actuality, the world is corrupt. =P And my most recent analysis is that school is actually pure evil. LOL. Tearchers are bitter ghouls bent on seeking revenge and torturing the future generations of students becuase of the ill treatement they recieved when they were a student. Democracy values independence and freedom of speech and yet, students fight every day for their voices to be heard. The whole elists aspect of being in a top university only masks the fact that officials are power hungry and money mongers and do anything to seem like they're the humanitarians they pretend to be as the support public education, making it so expensive the poor can't enter into these schools, thus sectioning off those they don't want in their schools by policy. Wait, I'm running off aren't I?

Anyway, yes. This world I create in this comic is totally opposite of reality. =) Or similiar and its only the place of the mask that is in a different position. However you see it, its not the typical world we face day to day. Here, good is shunned and labeled a blasphem while evil is what actually good is. 0-o Does that make sense? lol.

It's suppose to be comical. So I play to play off any joke that we use against each other. =P Or have used…so brace yourselves people. XD LOL!

I started to draw this comic last year but it never took off as much as I wanted. School got in the way and as a result I found no time to continue drawing or even updating it so it could launch online. Now that I have the time I've decided to continue it. You'll see some panel's copywritted 2005 but most of everything will be new and recent. Also, during the space of time that I didn't draw, the character's design between 2005 and 2006 differ a bit, but essentially they're the same.

So BRACE yourselves people.

8) cuz this shit's takin' OFF!!