Malibu Town Cover

Plue on Oct. 21, 2006

Welcome, welcome, and welcome to the first instillment of our new comic, Malibu Town. We, being Plue and Bloodfusion.

Yes, the “serious” comedy crack is a joke. Since this is our first time making a comic, I would hope that someone would be kind enough to leave a comment about the page size, I had to do a rough guess of how wide to make this first cover page. Criticism is always nice but plue and I honestly aren't in this for any actual artistic talent (because we have none), we're simply in this for the laughs.

PLEASE let us know what you think about the size so we can have the next update soon.

If you'd like, you can even email us your suggestions, comments, ideas, questions and whatnot to We will answer…eventually.

Thanks for dropping by!