MWWT: Spaceman #1 pg23

barking_frog on Dec. 6, 2007

The short story's finished, yay! Excerpt and link follow:

I shoot him in the shoulder. That ‘non-fatal’ spot where the hero gets shot in movies? It's a lot harder to hit in real life. I can tell from the blood I nicked an artery.

I catch him as he slides down the front of the counter. He's going glassy-eyed already. I press his hand down hard over the wound.

“Listen,” I say, “you're going into shock and if you do you'll die. Keep pressing on the wound and try to breathe slowly. Be calm, be still. I'll be back in ten minutes and you'll get medical attention.”

He nods, which is more than I expected. I pocket his gun and get moving – I had announced my presence and wasn't going to have all night before his friends decided to run for it.

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TheMidge28: She shows up again in the second issue, after a long flashback showing us what happened immediately after “Clark” woke up in the cornfield from waaay back on pages 1 and 2.