1: I Really Hope So...

_Sploich_ on April 8, 2007

Hey there!

My name is Adam Bolden, and this is the very first comic I have made for Marty At The Movies. If you like it, come back this Wednesday and Friday, and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more comics! And don't forget to tell your friends about it either. If you don't like it, come back anyway, because I'm still figuring out how exactly I want to do this comic, so it will definitely be getting better. If you have any questions or comments, I think there's some kind of forum on here, so you can tell me what you think on there. I'm still trying to figure out this website as well, so let's hope I figure it out soon. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this comic and come back for more in the future (and tell others to do so as well!).

See you Wednesday!
Adam Bolden