Lesson No. 2

PaulEberhardt on Nov. 16, 2012

This page was just a preview last week, but now it's an…
UPDATE: Hi everyone! I finally made it.
@artdude2002: It shows you know Gundula very well. :) She hardly ever does anything without a purpose. I think she sees the advantages of an unpaid housemaid as a bonus.
@NightReflection: I totally second that. Ever since there have been computers with proper word processors, everyone is required to write volumes about any kind of sh… stuff. And I keep wondering why. I mean, who will ever really read it. I sometimes think if some future historian tries to categorise our current period, he will likely call it “The Age of Writings for the Wastebin” :)
Sophie learns an important lesson today. She'd better thank Gundula - most others have to learn this the really hard way. Normal employers don't tell you this sort of thing. What she says however doesn't mean you should strut around as if you own the place or something. In fact no proper boss will tear your head off, if you ask to discuss your practicum with him or her. Indeed I know from my own experience that more often than not the opposite is the case, as long as you do it politely.
Enough said. It's too much text already. Have a nice day and thanks for reading and commenting!