PaulEberhardt on Jan. 31, 2012

Did you ever fall asleep on your desk? I'd always thought that was just one of those things I'd draw in a comic and we'd all have a good laugh, but last night it actually happened to me. It was quite an unnerving experience, so when I awoke to the voice of fairly obscure Schmaltz singer Ivo Robic (I didn't know I had that among my mp3s; I didn't know the name before, nor how this really dreadful song ended up on my hard disk!), I decided to have a prolonged lie-down before finishing this page. That's why it's not just late, but even terribly late.
This week I'll be mostly involved with a few impending exams - this is also why I obviously didn't have much sleep in the past few days. For the comic, this means I cannot promise to update next week. I will try to, though. I feel too much for Sophie to keep everyone waiting for longer than absolutely necessary. ;)
Thanks for reading and commenting, and good night!