The Silencing of the Lambs (Filler)

PaulEberhartd on April 6, 2013

Hi everyone! What you see today is me having tried to get back into my schedule with a nice little cartoon that turned out to have become a rather time-consuming endeavour. Result: it's Saturday and I only just finished. This is partly because I wanted to do an Easter cartoon for last Sunday or Monday, but had to face the fact that it'd have taken me until Tuesday even to start drawing it. Then I started this one and realised I'm basically crap at drawing sheep (though I sort of like the second from left one). I tried to compensate by having a thorough look at real sheep - the obvious thing to do since I know a few people who own a little flock - only to find that they are not half as cute and cuddly as I'd need them to be. As a matter of fact, real sheep are actually a lot easier to think of as food than the kind I wanted to draw. Anyway, at this point I was already too determined to get this damn thing done, whatever it takes; so that's what I did.
Well, here's the result. And of course my apologies for my lateness. Next week's update probably won't be in time either, but I'll start working on it today. I haven't forgotten about the poor curse victim yet; his fate could be rather interesting. After that, we'll get back to some proper Tiger action again. I've got quite a few ideas, but I'll still have to put them into a sensible order.
Have a nice weekend, and thanks for reading and commenting!