A Fistful of Oats

PaulEberhardt on June 19, 2013

It seems, Gundula has found a worthy opponent at last. If she ever talked of doing this job for kicks, she might be more right than she intended. But actually, I still wonder whether we should worry more about her or about Acheron, the horse?
I for one worry over being slow at drawing at the moment. To make up, I did a large page this time. Also, apologies in advance, if next update takes me longer than until Saturday. It will. I can't help it. :(
I don't know about your various places, but at mine there's a heatwave that's almost killing me. Today, for example, I had almost 38 °C on my balcony even when I rose this morning (I think that's got to be a bit over 100 °F) and it wasn't much cooler inside. First a deluge, then this - Aaahrgh! Good thing the pens I use seem to be waterproof. Else, my sweat would have turned it all into some kind of psychedelic impressionism. ;)
Have a nice, and hopefully cooler weekend, and thanks for reading and commenting!