To Tame a Horse

PaulEberhardt on July 25, 2013

Whew! Made it!
I've had it up to here with the current heatwave. You don't get anything done, except at night, and the sweat starts running the instant you leave the shower, leaving you wondering why you bothered to shower at all…
Oh well! The new page is finally done, and I'll try and draw another until Saturday next week. Who knows? I might even succeed for a change. :/
If Acheron knew about fairy tales, he'd know what usually comes of taking sugar treats from a witch. ;) Which reminds me that I wanted to mention that what Gundula does on this page is strictly witches only. It's thanks to her extremly well-trained reflexes that she could let go of the rope in time in panel 2. A good friend of mine tried just the same - she was told not to let go under any circumstances, while her husband trying to coax a horse into boarding a trailer. She didn't. The horse bolted, and the rope took off the entire insides of her hands. It took weeks to heal, during which time she was completely unable to do, well, anything you'd need your hands for. This page is therefore dedicated to her. I only drew that scene at all the way I did it, because I desperately wanted to draw that “Whoomp!” panel, among other things.
Have a nice weekend, and thanks for reading and commenting!