Down by the Seaside

PaulEberhardt on Aug. 7, 2014

One nice rainy day in June I felt like doing this little watercolour experiment you see here. For one thing, I wanted to draw Gundi and Sophie in slightly old-fashioned swimwear. It fits especially Gundi's character. Also, I wanted to practice creating a water surface. I've always been crap at those, and as Rudyard Kipling put it in his autobiography: “(…) the old Law: ‘As soon as you find you can do anything, do something you can’t.'”
Anyway, now that it's August I thought I'd better post it before the summer's over again. It isn't yet, I can tell: I went hiking along the stunningly beautiful coastline of Glamorgan Vale the other day and got myself the nastiest sunburn I've had in what must be at least a decade. In Wales of all places! (But I llove it anyway. ;) )
Well, have a nice week, never forget your sun cream like I did, and thanks for reading and commenting!