May'le and Mayhem

Triss on April 11, 2007

Welcome to my amueter comic, May'le and Mayhem!
Updates Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays quite regularly. Sometimes the schedule will be thrown off when I'm away or if I have major schoolwork, but I try to warn you before that happens.
Concieved, written, and drawn by me, Triss-chan. I do all of the work, from start to finish.
Dawntreader5 is my plot consultant and my biggest fan. (I talk through all of the plot twists with her before I write them. She tells me whether or not it's a good idea and informs me when I'm being stupid.)
I have no tablet, but I do have a scanner and Photoshop Elements and CS.
I have no formal art training whatsoever (although I did take those mandatory elementary and middle school art classes, as well as one high school art class). However, this comic has been an education in inself. And don't worry. The art does improve.
Pronunciation guide:
-Magdalena Tea Lhaily: MAG-da-LAY-na TEA LIE-lie
-May'le: MAY-lay
-Phia Luverne: FIA loov-EARN
-Tam Charter: TAM CHAR-ter
-Ezma'ta Sondrea: ez-MAH-tah sohn-DRAY-ah
-Alberine: AL-bur-INE (The last syllable is like the ine in dine)
-Runok: ROO-nock (The u with the umlaut is actually pronounced closer to an eu, but I can't accurately explain it, so I simplified it here.)
-Applebye Tavern: self-explanitory, just note that it is not Applebee like the restaurant
-Belezie: BEH-leh-zee