Page 28: In The Jungle (WIP)

Triss on June 28, 2007

Colored version later. I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. As you can see, this is a transition. We are now viewing something that takes place in a jungle, mmkay?

Plot: This actually does contain a little plot. After all, we're traveling to a new location, so I guess it's time for some new plot developments… or a new plot entirely. I want to do a sort of back and forth between the existing plot with May and company and this new storyline.

Art: Very exacting, but a lot of fun. The lines themselves took a while, and the color is going to be a nightmare. Also, that hole in the ground is meant to be a chimney. Also, it's raining here, too, making the transition more appropriate.

Comic: I think I'll continue updating and leave this one uncolored for a while. I'm on summer break, which means I'm not sticking to a schedule because of vacations, summer assignments, and summer laziness. I'll update whenever the hell I feel like! And there's no backlog to speak of, so my 3-week vacation coming up means 3 weeks of no updates. Have fun with that. Plus also, I might start redoing chapter 1 soon. I have changes I want to make, and the art is… well…

Coming Up Next: I wonder who we'll run into in the middle of a jungle?