Prologue 01. Enter the Main Duo !

Erokuso on Jan. 7, 2013

Alright, the first page ever after the reboot.
I released this sometime during the fall of 2010 at Smackjeeves.
Before that, I never actually made any prologue or origin about Merc & Tech for I had the story started in the middle of a mission with hints of origins in the dialogue.
So this Prologue was a complete new concept for me and I can't say I'm too proud of this one, but then again, everything has jumpy starts, don't they?  I was told once to redo this, but I think it works, so I see no point of redoing it really.
Since we're going to see quite alot Johnny Eduardo and Russell Jyrr, I decided to introduce them with some common info about them (though I'm sure no one will remember them anyway, lol!).
I gotta admit, that at times I suck at making awsome dialogue and this is a notable example of it. English is not my main language so I had trouble coming up with the right terms regarding computers and other techy stuff. So the narrator dialogue ended up going somewhat stubby and gappy, but hey, this comic had to start from somewhere, so I went for it. 
Those last two shadowy guys have still not made their appearance in my comics, but they will soon and even more soon if the people demands it.
I might as well reveal to you that if you enjoy movies like Godfather, Scarface or any other mafia-gangster releated ones, you're so gonna love these characters for sure!