Prologue 02. Sudden turn of Events !

Erokuso on Jan. 7, 2013

This is where the actual action begins. With Russell, you see Dr. Marie Hunter, his girlfriend. The red shirted guy is “Pizza-”Enrique Almeida, a pizza delivery from Brazil. They both will play supportive roles for the duo for the most. Dr. Marie adds some feminine care, touch and presence while Pizza-Enrique's realistic and streetwise, down-to-earth persona adds some conflicts into the story.
Like I said in the previous authors note, I'm not that proud of how this prologue turned out to be, but heck with it. My original intention was that TRODIDOX, the super computer Tech designed would have sucked the four characters into a virtual reality where they will meet video game characters and have adventures in well known video game worlds and stuff. But a virtual reality created by Tech would have made everything too artificial and I wanted it to be real as anything to them (need to eat, sleep or danger of getting killed), so I jumped to the decision that TRODIDOX translocates the four characters into another world, in some other universe.
This is before the duo has formed Merc & Tech. Merc (mostly just called Eduardo) works for gangsters as a hired gun and Tech is a software engineer with an invention enthusiasm traits of a young, radical version of Doc Brown and doesn't like Eduardo's choice of career.